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The social side of walking. The UK is home to arguably some of most beautiful countryside and uplands in the world. Walkmates exists to allow you to enjoy it with other people.

Walking buddies

Some people like to enjoy the open country on their own, and that's great. However, many of us others like to nothing more than to head to the hills in a small group and share the accomplishment. That's where walkmates come in. With walkmates you can find walks in your area, sign up, and go.

Organising your own walk

No walks already organised in your area? No problem. Walkmates members can organise their own walks for others to attend. Do you have a favourite walk you'd love to share? Walks don't have to be full days, sometimes the best walks can be completed in an hour or two.


Right now, Walkmates is completely free because it's still very much in its infancy. However, as we build out the service it will likely become a subscription based service. However... any members who sign up before it turns into a subscription service will keep their free access for as long as the service is in operation.

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Walkmates lives on

Welcome to the all new Walkmates. Walkmates is by no means the finished article but we wanted to get something out to you as early as possible to start taking your feedback. We'll be doing new releases most days as we work to complete the service.

Come back regularly to watch the progress.