What is Walkmates?

By Dasha

  • What if you’ve never done hiking, and your friends can’t be called ramblers even with a good degree of approximation?
  • What if you are a seasoned hiker and want to explore a new area but not alone?
  • What if hiking is your passion and you want to share it with our hikers?
  • What if your loved ones are really busy for that weekend you were desperate to go for a hike?

Familiar scenarios? Solutions?

Welcome to the Walkmates. Sign up and create your profile, then you have three options:

  1. join an arranged walk,
  2. show your passion for hiking and invite fellow walkers to join your walk,
  3. … or keep delaying your opportunity to get outdoors and make new friends. In the latter case we kindly recommend to have a look at our Mountapedia, showcasing all the variety of British hillwalking on offer, and reconsider your choice.

We are creating the platform wholly dedicated to hiking, starting from the fundamentals – connecting hikers around together and creating hiking community.